System for Available Energy Recovery

Delivers Always: Thermal Energy
Optional: Cooling Energy, Electricity, Steam, Hot Water
Consumes: No consumption of fuel or electricity, the source is waste heat
Suitable sectors: Industrial, Service
Examples: Factories, Hotels, Airports, Office buildings
Installation: Indoor, Outdoor

SAvER is a system which improves the energy efficiency of industrial processes and reduces their carbon footprint. Based on the principle of waste heat recovery and customized engineering design, it delivers free of cost useful energy by taking it from the various “hot points” available in almost all industries – chimney stacks, waste hot water, etc. After this heat is captured, it is delivered where it is needed in the right form and at the right temperature (steam, hot water, hot air). It can also be transformed into cooling energy, or can even be used to produce electricity. SAvER saves natural resources, protects the environment, optimizes expenditure and is an indispensable system for every contemporary manufacturing industry in its journey to clean energy and circular economy.

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