SAvER (System for Available Energy Recovery) is an indispensable system to improve energy efficiency and reduce emission values in today's fast-paced energy sources. SAvER recovers waste heat from industrial processes and other thermal energy flows. PLUG&PLAY, transportable and custom manufactured according to customer’s real context and requirements, it can be delivered anywhere in the world.
SAvER can be applied at the bottom of processes involving heat in order to recover the residual energy. It can deliver either hot water/air, chilled water/air or even electricity.
SAvER delivers completely free energy to the user, recovering already existing energy. It follows the pure concept of energy efficiency.




In this image, heat recovered as hot water is being transformed into chilled water at 7°C through an absorption chiller. This chilled water may be then used for air-conditioning, or for industrial processes needed cooling. The energy recovered avoids electricity consumption from actual electric chillers, thus saving costs on the electricity bill.