itp production

Energy can be generated and used more efficiently by any consumer, big or small, but the biggest and fastest energy savings can be achieved in industrial sites. This is due to the enormous quantities of energy needed in their production processes.

All industries need electrical energy for their equipment and many of them need another type of energy - steam, heating, cooling - at the same time. Instead of using electricity from the national grid to generate this steam, heating or cooling energy, they can have it completely for free.

How is that possible? Through on-site production of electricity (read more)

For some industries, depending on the country, electricity prices and other factors, it may not be so economic to generate their own electricity. Yet, we have a wide range of solutions by which they can save energy and money. (Check our systems from the list below)

Industries with the highest potential for energy saving through our technologies are in the sectors of plastic, pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing, textile, glass, cement, breweries, wood processing, foundries, among others.