Trigeneration in the plastic sector

Trigeneration is a technology which combines heat, electricity and cooling generation at the same time. Basically, it’s an energy-efficient, profitable and environmentally friendly way to improve an already existent cogenerator (which produces only electricity and heat) by adding a powerful chiller to it. The chiller functions by using hot water produced by the cogenerator, so the installation is actually producing cooling (chilled water) by using its own heat. Except clever, this is a very efficient technology which reduces operating costs and minimizes energy loss, so it will benefit your business and the planet.

Trigeneration in the plastic sector

Whenever it comes to the manufacturing industry, there are a few main principles, which concern everyone – the manufacturer, the client and the end user. Which are those principles and how exactly would everyone involved benefit from trigeneration usage in the manufacturing process? Let’s take the plastic sector for example.

Energy efficiency – simply put, it means you’ll have lower energy consumption, while the final amount of goods you produce will remain the same, or even grow. That will consequently reduce the manufacturing cost of your product, while its quality will remain the same it was before. Trigeneration doesn’t allow almost any energy loss, so instead of wasting fuel, money and resources, you will be able to get the most by using and paying for the least. A detailed scheme of how this works is available at Recovery Energy Cycle page.

Short payback period – the cost-cutting in the process, your highly increased competitiveness on the market and the thousands of highly satisfied clients and users, will assure that the initial financial investment for installing all the components needed for the trigeneration process will pay back in a short term. You will start seeing the results of the technology immediately after it starts running, which will give you the opportunity to improve and advance your marketing strategy in an appropriate manner, so that you can increase your profits and start getting what you paid for.

Environmental friendliness – as a result of the energy efficiency we have already mentioned before, less fuel will be needed to maintain the manufacturing process. This means that you will emit lower levels of CO2 into the atmosphere. On the other hand, the cooling process will be running entirely on hot water, instead of consuming electricity or using chemicals which, even if improved, are still harmful to the ozone layer around the planet. Those factors will have a direct and undoubtedly strong ecological impact, which at the end of the day we all benefit from. Your company will improve its public image and reputation as a responsible entity – not only for its business partners, but also for the future of our planet.

To conclude, trigeneration is an old technology which has reentered the spotlight thanks to various government incentives and energy efficiency policies. In fact, it is based on the oldest and most environmentally friendly cooling machine – the absorption chiller. It has now regained strong popularity considering the state of our energy resources, climate change and air pollution. It is not the new big thing, but it is definitely a technology which owners of medium and big energy consuming factories should turn their eyes to, in case they want to stay competitive and be up to date with the newest technological and eco-friendly improvements for their business. Because it guarantees that being bold enough to try, will pay back millions of times.