A significant amount of thermal energy is generated as a by-product in the process of electricity generation. This free waste heat can be utilized through special equipment and can be delivered to the production site as useful heat in the form of steam or hot water (90 °C). They can be used in the production process all year round or can ensure the heating of the building in the winter. This is a process called cogeneration.

This free waste heat can be transformed also into cooling energy through absorption chillers, in the form of chilled water (7 °C). It can cool down the production equipment all year round or can ensure the air conditioning of the building in the summer. This is the process of trigeneration. In order to obtain this free waste heat, we need to generate electricity on-site from different sources such as:

natural gas, CNG, LNG, LPG,diesel, biomass, biogas.

REC+: Combined Heat & Power

REC+(Recovery Energy Cycle) is a modern and innovative cogeneration - trigeneration (CHP - CCHP) that simultaneously produces electricity and thermal (heat) and/or cooling energy, in a range between 20 to 2000 kW.
Rec+ is a custom made and assembled according to customer’s requirements in our Italian factory into a special and transportable BOX, so it can be delivered “ready to use” anywhere in the world.

indoor rec+
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As MANUFACTURER of its systems, termogamma chooses, builds and installs the cogeneration/trigeneration that best suits the energy requirements of our clients. By doing so, together with placing our focus on the quality of our products, we aim at optimizing our client’s savings.
Cogeneration/trigeneration can save up to 35% energy, ensuring objective and quantifiable benefits, this making it possible for companies to reduce their production costs and to increase their competitiveness.
We provide to our potential clients all the technical expertise of our pre-sales department, which can develop accurate feasibility studies that show clearly the obtainable benefits of our systems in the client’s context

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The simultaneous production of heat and power (CHP) guarantees, compared to traditional systems, greater energy efficiency, lower costs on energy supply and lower environmental impact.


Example of plastic processing industry

Electricity demand       11.280.000 kWh
Heat demand                 300.000 kWh
Cooling demand            5.500.000 kWh
Electric Power = 800kW
Thermal Power = 850kW
Cooling Power = 650kW

Operating hours REC+ 6.500 h/year

Costs before trigeneration

Annual savings

benefit area graph