Long traditions in the field of energy systems

The story of Termogamma Energy Solutions has its roots in Concorezzo, Monza area, where the first factory of the group opened doors in 1985. Today the group has two factories in Italy, and two international business offices in Switzerland and South-East Europe following its natural path of growth and internationalization. Back in time, the group’s […]

Termogamma recognized for its maximum commercial reliability

For a third year in a row, the heart of our group ranks as a company with maximum commercial reliability and is granted the status of a prime company by CRIBIS, a CRIF group company. CRIF RATINGS CRIF S.p.A., is a credit rating agency established in Italy and authorized to issue ratings within the European Union since […]

Group synergy marked by unified logo

Marking our internationalization and synergy, our group companies now have a common symbol and modernized look. Our new group logo brings to the forefront all the main aspects of our activity – the thermal energy as its roots and its core, the burning passion for energy technologies and constant innovation, the three flames representing trigeneration […]

1.3 MW trigeneration plant installed in a plastic factory in Ancona

A leading plastic factory producing household goods and furnishings in the Italian region of Ancona becomes even more energy efficient with a combined heat and power plant by Termogamma . The new system will produce electricity for the production equipment, and will use the waste heat to ensure the needed thermal and cooling energy for […]

21st birthday of our first trigeneration plant

This year we are celebrating the 21st anniversary of our first trigeneration plant, which is still up and running. It was installed back in 1997 in Genoa to improve the energy efficiency of a leading plastic factory, and so far it has delivered its owners more than 150,000 hours of operation. The system has a total electric […]

Termogamma takes part in the IX International Beirut Energy Forum

The international tour of Termogamma Group continues with Lebanon as part of the International Beirut Energy Forum (IBEF) Since 2010, IBEF has been a reference event in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern area for the sustainable energy sector, favoring partnerships, regional cooperation initiatives and international collaboration. Pau Solans and Mohammed Al Sulyman will be available […]