Waste Heat Recovery for Improved Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability

Waste heat recovery solutions help recover heat that is wasted and can otherwise be put into practical use. Different technologies can be used such as passive air preheaters, rotary generators, and recuperative and regenerative burners. Waste heat is a valuable source of energy that can be used in the ceramic, food, steel and iron, and […]

Waste Heat Recovery for Optimal Use of Resources

Waste heat recovery is an efficient, green, and economic solution to help highly demanding industries save valuable energy. Waste energy is captured and delivered to the end users to be used as steam, hot water, or cooling. It can also be transformed into electricity thanks to steam turbines. Sources of Industrial Waste Heat The energy […]

High Temperature Heat Pumps for Optimal Performance and Energy Efficiency

High temperature heat pumps are a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative to conventional systems that use fuel, wood, gas, or oil. This is a high-end solution that uses hot waste water or air to produce high temperature hot water for heating. Residential and Industrial Applications High temperature heat pumps have multiple applications and can be used […]

Energy solutions for the plastics industry and why it matters

plastic packaging for food

While plastic has become a threat to the world today, it still has a lot of positive aspects we cannot live without – like preventing food waste, ensuring clean water supply, and many others. The plastics industry is in fact responsible to the environment and is taking action to prevent plastics from entering the ocean as well […]

Waste heat recovery in North Africa and Middle East, a solution to mitigate serious air pollution

Energy solutions for different environments Termogamma Energy Solutions, the international business branch of Termogamma Group, is specialized in identifying and offering energy solutions which resolve the specific needs of different and often complicated environments. An especially complicated energy environment is that of Lebanon, a country whose energy infrastructure has been severely damaged by a 30-year […]