How cogeneration works and how it integrates with your company

Before purchasing a cogeneration system, the steps to be taken are different and fundamental for the achievement of the objectives that these machines aim to solve: economic savings, continuity of service and lower environmental impact. In the cogeneration proposal phase, the energy profile of the users first takes on importance, after the choice of technology […]

When and who should invest in cogeneration

To ensure that the purchase of a cogeneration plant is profitable over time, it is necessary to take into account several factors by carefully studying each individual and different reality in which the CHP system must be implemented. Let’s briefly list the most important prerequisites to achieve real savings Consistency of user energy demand Plant […]


In recent decades, the growth of production activities and quality of life have generated a strong increase in demand for energy and in parallel to this continuous growth has been matched by a high emission of pollutants into the environment, which are causing its degradation. Through appropriate technological systems that are able to contain energy […]

Cogeneration and Trigeneration for Optimal Efficiency and Cost Reduction

Cogeneration and trigeneration (also called CHP – Combined Heat and Power – and CCHP – Combined Cooling Heat and Power) help recover and minimize thermal waste and produce electricity in a cost-efficient way. Cogeneration is a form of power generation that uses a single source to produce useful heat and electricity. In addition to electricity, […]

Trigeneration in the plastic sector

Trigeneration is a technology which combines heat, electricity and cooling generation at the same time. Basically, it’s an energy-efficient, profitable and environmentally friendly way to improve an already existent cogenerator (which produces only electricity and heat) by adding a powerful chiller to it. The chiller functions by using hot water produced by the cogenerator, so the installation is actually producing cooling […]