Long traditions in the field of energy systems

The story of Termogamma Energy Solutions has its roots in Concorezzo, Monza area, where the first factory of the group opened doors in 1985. Today the group has two factories in Italy, and two international business offices in Switzerland and South-East Europe following its natural path of growth and internationalization.

Back in time, the group’s operations started with design, construction and maintenance mainly of heating systems and over the years developed into offering more complex and customized solutions which satisfy all the energy needs of the specific consumer – an industrial site, a hotel, a residential complex, a farming site.

The philosophy which underlies all the systems released from the factories of Termogamma Energy Solutions  is that maximum 

efficiency comes when energy is produced where it is used, when all the energy produced is actually used and all the waste energy is recovered rather than dissipated in the environment. For that reason, each system is rather a unique solution, and is designed, constructed and maintained with utmost care.

The core systems manufactured by Termogamma Energy Solutions are cogeneration plants (sometimes upgraded to trigeneration plants) and free cooling chiller plants. Alone or in combination, these core plants provide the right mix of electric, heating and cooling energy and industrial steam to ensure a cost-effective, smooth and independent from the grid business process.

In line with the global trends, the group has enriched its portfolio with plants powered by renewable energy sources such as its biomass and biogas cogeneration and trigeneration plants, waste heat recovery plants and solar cooling plants.

Over the years, the group has built excellent reputation and trust among its clients, who spread the word of mouth and bring in new business in a natural way. Our biggest satisfaction is when our clients grow their business thanks also to the contribution of our energy optimization solutions and install second and even third of our systems to cover the energy needs of their new ventures.