High Temperature Heat Pumps for Optimal Performance and Energy Efficiency

High temperature heat pumps are a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative to conventional systems that use fuel, wood, gas, or oil. This is a high-end solution that uses hot waste water or air to produce high temperature hot water for heating.

Residential and Industrial Applications

High temperature heat pumps have multiple applications and can be used in buildings listed as monuments and buildings in which oversized radiators cannot be installed. This is also a good solution for buildings in which the insulation system is not subject to rehabilitation and upgrading because of the presence of sizeable glass surfaces or a unified façade appearance. High temperature heat pumps are also ideal for older buildings in which low temperature heat pumps cannot be used because the insulation fails to meet standards.

They also have applications across different industries such as the pharmaceutical, chemical, paper production, food processing, plastic processing, and material drying industries. Across industry sectors, heat pumps are used for laminate processing, dye process drying, ethyl alcohol purification, and humidity control. Given that industries account for 30 percent of carbon dioxide emissions and energy demand, the large scale use of energy-efficient applications has the potential to reduce pollution and the use of fossil fuel sources. Improved energy efficiency also enables businesses to diversify and results in improved product throughput.


In addition to having multiple applications, high temperature heat pumps are safe to use because they consume electricity instead of fluids that are explosive, flammable, or toxic. An added benefit is the fact that their use contributes to environmental protection. The reason is that they are not powered by wood, LPG, gas, or oil. The use of heat pumps also results in considerable savings as they are cheaper to run compared to gas and oil boilers and electric heating. Given that they do not require fuel and fuel storage, high temperature heat pumps also save valuable space.

Energy Solutions by Termogamma

The high temperature heat pump offered by Termogamma is powered by electricity and supplies heating power. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors, supplies hot water up to 80 °C, and can supply heating power for industrial plants and large buildings outperforming other solutions. Additional equipment is not required.

High energy heat pumps have become increasingly popular as a solution to reduce fuel consumption and improve energy efficiency. Thanks to their low global warming potential, replacing fossil fuel and electrical boilers with heat pumps contributes to environmental sustainability. Heat pumps also allow for improved temperature control thus minimizing safety and fire hazards. They not only exceed customer safety and reliability expectations but reach optimal performance in buildings and operations where other solutions fail to perform as well. Comparing it to normal air-air or air-water heat pumps, for instance, Termogamma high temperature heat pump is reliable and has outstanding performance even winter seasons with very cold temperatures.