Mission and Vision


Living our lifelong passion for energy efficiency, we apply our engineering competences and in-house innovation to ensure maximum performance and continuously improve our systems.


We consider ourselves a partner for our clients, providing competitive advantage, consistent quality and superior service. While reducing their energy costs and contributing to a cleaner environment, we foster our clients’ sustainable path towards a clean energy transition and circular economy.


MADE IN ITALY. Served Globally.

Today Termogamma® is an international group of companies, but its origins can be traced back to Lombardy, Northern Italy, where Giovanni Cavalieri established the first company of the group in 1985. It was the natural development of his passion for energy technologies, which he shared with his father while working side by side with him in field maintenance of heating systems. Keeping maintenance in the core of his company, he expanded the activities with engineering design, consultancy and construction of energy SOLUTIONS.

“Maintenance is part of our DNA and will always be fundamental in each project we take on.” Giovanni Cavalieri, Founder and President of Termogamma® Group.

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