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Made in Italy. Served globally.

Today Termogamma is an international group of companies whose origins can be traced back to Lombardy, Northern Italy, where Giovanni Cavalieri founded the first company of the group in 1985. It was the natural development of his passion for energy technologies which he shared with his father while working side by side with him in field maintenance of heating systems. Keeping maintenance in the core of his company, he expanded the activities with engineering design and construction of energy equipment, consultancy and real-time remote monitoring and control.

Instead of going the easy way of mass production and standardization, the company has chosen to dedicate itself to turnkey customized solutions which deliver better results than standard-sized systems. Solutions which provide the perfect mix of electric, thermal and cooling energy, in the right form, temperatures and quantities, at the right time, for a wide variety of energy consumers in the industrial, service, and agricultural sectors. The effects of the system`s implementation are both immediate and long-term, making it the optimal solution for all energetic circumstances.

Our clients in the service sector range from hotels, to spa centers, data centers, shopping malls, office buildings, to airports, hospitals, elderly homes, and schools. In the agricultural sector we serve energy systems to greenhouses, dairy farms, agricultural cooperatives, whereas in the industrial sector we improve the energy efficiency of food-processing factories, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastic, glass, textile and many others.

The main manufacturing process is still happening in the original plant in Italy, where we started more than 30 years ago. Our satisfied clients in Italy have helped us expand our business over the years through their loyalty and heartfelt references. Thus we have opened international business headquarters in Switzerland, which serves clients all over the world.

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