RENEXPO Interview with Pau Solans on Energy Efficiency

“In our 33 years of company history, we have remained a group of people who are very passionate about energy efficiency”, said Pau Solans, International Development Director at Termogamma Group, at the 1st Energy Managers Serbia Meeting.

The Energy Manager profession will have a key role in the world of tomorrow, proportionate to the growing importance of energy efficiency on a global level. This is triggered by the big challenges we are already facing - greenhouse emissions, rising temperatures, climate change. There is already concerted global action expressed in the Paris Agreement and the fact that so many countries agreed on addressing this global problem.

Energy efficiency is related also to health issues, global resources and nature conservation, and last but not least to money. Imagine the enormous amounts of energy that today is dissipated in the atmosphere from our residential and commercial buildings and factories. It can be captured and used (with or without transformation) where it is needed, which will save the fuel needed later on to produce it separately.

Another way to look at energy efficiency is through the perspective of the more intelligent ways to produce the same amount of energy but with higher efficiency - for example combined heat and power solutions that produce both electricity and heat at the same time, or energy saving systems like the ones we produce in Italy and which deliver benefits from the economic point of view but also from the environmental point of view

After Serbia, the Balkan tour of Termogamma Group continues with a lecture in Romania on 18th May at the XII Annual Conference of the Romanian Building Auditors Association in Craiova. The event will take place in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Mechanics with the University of Craiova.


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